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About Us


Suzhou WT TENT Co。,Ltd is founded in 2007, corporated based in Suzhou。

     “13 years Gold Supplier” assessed by Alibaba。

        Focused on  the module mobile building, the r&d, manufacturing,  marketing and leasing of Aluminum Alloy Tent products。  Those widely used in large conference hall, exhibition, product launches, major sports events, festival activities, industrial workshop, logistics, warehousing, emergency relief, and other outdoor activities。

        WT TENT product series can meet span-range from 3 m to 70 m.

        We values the contributing to society, participated in many public welfare & charity activities,  such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Wenchuan earthquake relief, a variety of charity music festivals.

        WT TENT manufactured to DIN standards in Germany。

        With huge amounts of project experience, together rich product line.

    “We provide better supply to customer demand.

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Technical Strength

Originated from Europe, the chef designer Mr. Fabriqi  owns more than 40 years experiences in the tent industry.

Company Qualification

1、TUV Rheinland Certification;

2、ISO9001 Quality Certification;

3、 Member of the International Tent Industry Association;


Marketing Sales

Win good reputation worldwide, mainly from Australia, US, Japan, New Zealand, etc.

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Hot Products

Warehouse Tent
WT offers industrial tent rental, sales and customized service, with modular design. The tent framework is made of high-strength oxidized aluminum alloy tube. The covering is made of flame-retardant double-sided PVC fabric, which conforms to European DIN4102,B1 and M2 standards.
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